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We have had the privilege to  provide digital services to celebrities and politicians, including actress Deidra Murphy, Former NFL player and City Councilman Don Carey, and Mayor Rick West of Chesapeake, Virginia.

We’ve also partnered with some great organizations that makes impact in our community such as United Way South Hampton Roads, that allowed ups to serve children during their summer program in over 4 public school systems here in Norfolk, VA.


Our Values

Authenticity / Let "it" Shine

We value those who walk in their truth and light because it’s the foundation of building trusting relationships and we thrive off of trust and humility.

Passion / Set "it" on Fire

We welcome emotions, as a matter of a fact, we succeed when passions are revealed. This is our connecting point that anchors dreams to reality.

Impact / Disrupt "it"

We are enthusiastic about projects, products, services, and initiatives where we can disrupt the norm and rebel against the classic ways of doing things. Impact is where we can unleash our creativity to help create a better way by challenging what exists to bring in something new that people can trust.

Sound / Amplify "it"

We are a digital branding and marketing company that composes emotions to create a sound that resonates with your audience. Your sound is not limited to an audible tone, but it's also your brand voice, feelings, emotions, and messaging. Let your voice be heard!

meet the team

Our Creative Collective

We are a team of creators that came together for one mission and that's to
assemble our super powers to create "The Avengers" of branding and marketing.

Samuel Tolbert

Music Producer

Our Strengths

We were made for this!

 Our flexibility in challenging environments creates an enjoyable experience for us to thrive. Driven by our creativity, we perform well when we are not restricted or boxed in by the status quo and have a deep appreciation for details that may go unnoticed.

We are a purpose-driven, goal-oriented, priority seeking team who research factual information or data in ways that reveals trends, raise issues, identify opportunities, or offer solutions, while creating a clear pathway for vision and execution

 We are a team of visionaries who are enthusiastic about other visionaries. We partner with future products, services, and brands and are determined to breath life into their dreams through our services and offers.

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TIBI in the community

Our Community

We enjoy serving our community in personal, economic, and community development. With great partnerships with The City of Norfolk Economic Development Center and United Way , we were able to do what we love to do most... serve.

the voices of our clients

Our Testimonials

Courtney S.
“I am an Esthetician and Lash Artist in Houston who was struggling to find my brand voice and needed an effective marketing strategy. I’ve taken tons of free “Masterclasses” on the topics but just didn’t quite get it. Within 1 Hour Tre’elle gave me so much clarity and great tips to light some fire under my business (and butt lol). You can tell she is passionate about what she does. She is thorough and knowledgeable about marketing and with the in-depth information she gave me, I am confident moving forward with my vision! I would recommend her to ANYONE at any level of business..”​
-Coke the Aesthetician | Brand Therapy

Courtney S.

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