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Music Producer

Samuel Tolbert

Challenge | Clarity | Contribute 

I am the founder of Image Coaching and Mentoring, right here in Norfolk Va. We are a coaching platform that offers Life Purpose, Marriage/Relationship, and Accountability Coaching. Before I tell you more about what I do, let me share with you my “why”. 
The reason why I do what I do is because I love being different and thinking differently. Truth is, I actually want to change the world. This is why our message is to “Revolt World’s Image, Embrace God’s Image, and Change the World. I do this by taking a lot of information about what it means to align with the image of God, as it relates to Genesis 1:26, and making sure that information is clear for others to understand. 
This is how I contribute to people’s lives. I help individuals challenge every valued area of their life and align those values to the image of our Creator. I coach people in tapping into their full potential and turning it into kinetic momentum. 
Once they take off, I help them create and recognize their new potential. I provide a solution that makes a difference and has a lasting impact in the lives of others. By nature, I do a fine job imparting knowledge and wisdom into the lives of others. I can inspire people with images of what can be, through the gift of prophetic insight and revelation.
I measure the quality of life in less tangible but more meaningful ways. I conclude that my life is more meaningful and I’m happier when I can dedicate myself to something of importance to humankind. Because of my strength, I possess an inner drive to attain a high standard of excellence.
I really look forward to connecting with you and your team! For more info about our coaching programs and courses, feel free to visit us at You can also send me a message so that we can connect. Let’s go!
Why.os: Challenge – Clarify – Contribute 
Gallup Strengths: Achiever – Belief – Futuristic – Connectedness – Responsibility

I’m married to the founder and my strengths come alive when I’m contributing to the growth of the brand. 


Samuel Tolbert is a Music Producer who have been playing for over 20 years. As a musician, he understands the power in setting and sustaining and atmosphere through emotions and sounds. Samuel Tolbert has a network of musicians he's worked with from Texas, North Carolina, New York, Chicago, and Virginia. He's produced tracks for gospel artists such as Candice Eden Jones "It Is Enough", Just Ashley Music "Holy Holy Holy", and AWAKE Worship.

Samuel enjoys creating sounds that connects the brands heartbeat to the heartbeat of soul of listeners.

Favorite Genres:
-Lofi (Hip Hop)
-Atmospheric Sounds
-Soaking Music

Favorite Artist
-None | "I'm inspired by all sounds"

Favorite Instrument
-Keys | "I've been playing the keyboard and acted as the MD for many bands for over 20 years

Fun Facts:

"I'm 6'7", I grew up with 14 other siblings (yes, there are 15 of us), all of us are musically inclined. My sisters are singers, my bros, well we're drummers and keys all day. Yes, I've played basketball (College and All Navy), and I'm a Lifepurpose and Relationship Coach, founder of Image Coaching and Mentoring.

Phone: 7577928424
Address: 223 E City Hall Ave Norfolk, VA 23703

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