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The Power of the Coffee Shop

We are on a journey to reveal the mystery of the coffee shop and your input could help us solve this case.

Hey, and nice to meet you our caffeinated friend 👋🏽

We are creating a solution in the form of creative spaces and we believe that coffee and coffee shops are the clue to helping us! By answering a few short questions, you’ll be helping us discover more details about creative spaces and technology needed to simplify the process of building a brand.

Staff Working Behind Counter In Busy Coffee ShopThe coffee shop is a place that has unlocked an ancient secret of cross-generational traffic. I remember walking into a local Starbucks in Myrtle Beach, SC with a dear friend of mine. 

What I saw was impressive! I witnessed several generations of customers and no one group was a like. I saw teenagers, older business men in suites, an athletic couple and me and my friend. Two African-American women on a vacation leaving behind 3 to 4 kids, and our spouses. Every customer had a different story, different paths, and it lead me to wonder about the secrets of the coffee house. 

Here’s where I need your help. 

I’d like to bring those mysterious powers of the coffee house to creative spaces that goes beyond the generic pot of coffee in office spaces. 

Take our Coffee Shop Discovery Quiz to help us better understand the secret powers of the coffee shop.

     Coffee Discovery Survey👇🏽



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