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Circle Sisters

pay it forward

Milestone Circles supported our growth & now we want to support yours.

We entered Circle 13 in January 2022. In 12-weeks, we were able to create a milestone that pivoted our business in the right direction. 

Milestone Statement

“I want to write history in design by providing branding & digital marketing solutions because I believe that dreams have a purpose to provide a solution in the earth.” 

We discovered the only way to write history in design was by partnering with the strengths of other creative professionals to build a creative collective that helps bring our superpowers together in one place.  . 

When we started our journey we were several months in a month to month lease in a 36sqft office in a cool co-working space downtown Norfolk. We knew we needed more space in order to build a collective where professionals can team up to build the future.

We Moved Out in March to a new space downtown that is 685 sqft and has a conference room inside. The outside holds about 10 to 15 desks and overlooks a historical building downtown. 

You can check out the space we call Brandbox Collaborative Suites here

While reading a book, “Art of the Start 2.0, we began sharing our thoughts about the book as it relates to personal, economic, and community development. The name of our podcast is TIBI Talks, where we talk about life and branding.


At Brandbox, we are building a community where culture meets opportunities through creative spaces (physically and digitally) .

We are on a mission to give each members the opportunity to create, curate, and amplify their creativity by providing the right space with the right equipment for audio/video recordings, photography, and unique venues.

Each member will have the ability to hire a professional, book a space, while creating memories/content to share with their audience, all while building an ecosystem of creative arts. 

Learn More

I am excited to announce that I am a Cornerstone Mentor for the Milestone Circles program at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center! Milestone Circles is a 12-week program that provides women entrepreneurs with the access, resources, and knowledge they need to grow. Over the next 12 months, Milestone Circles will support more than 1,000 women and their businesses! This program remains free for entrepreneurs. To apply or learn more, visit #MilestoneCircles #WomenEntrepreneurs #WomenInBusiness 

what happened next

The Future of Tag It Brand It is innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships.

EmpowHEring Women

Our Services

Welcome to our Circle Support Channel,. It’s our way to give back to our sisters by providing value through our services as branding and digital marketing specialist. Our Passion is fueled by the drive of founders with a burden and solution. 

As Circle 13, Graduates, we’d like to support you in all of who we are while building meaningful connections.

 “We are sisters, we stick together…” -Cheetah Girls

Let’s sip and spill the beans

We believe that building solutions come from great conversations. Let’s connect over a virtual cup  or meet locally if you are in the 757 Area.

Branding | Marketing | Coaching 

We are happy to help serve our circle sisters! As circle 13 graduates, we will take off 13% off of all our services for the team.  

Let’s build a super SUPER power!

By focusing on the strengths of all that we have to offer to the world, let’s build the TABLE and create seats that will change the world. The TABLE is also connected to our non-profit organization “WIN Foundation” 

The table will help fuel our intiatives for Vision PINK- a place of empowerment for women in all walks of life. 

Team  Accountablity Belief Lead/Love Execution

TIBI Talks w/ YOU

We love to talk! Most importantly, we love to listen! If your brand or organization can provide value to our audience of entrepreneurs, creatives, and future business owners, then we’d love to have you!

we need your help

We’re are building a new product and experience called "Brandbox"

Our app and website is underway and we need valuable insight from creativeprenuers, coffee & tea lovers, community seekers, and content creators.

The Future Is BrandBox
We’re building an app & website to help connect our users to content creators, creative spaces, and help build a brand outside of the box. ​
The Power of the Coffee Shop
Take our Creative Discovery quiz to help us learn more about the needs of an creator
The Creative heARTist
Take our Creative Discovery quiz to help us learn more about the needs of an creator
Circle Sisters – Tag It Brand It
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